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EUR/USD Struggling To Hold Ground


EUR/USD changed little in the morning and looks undecided on the short term. Could increase a little in the upcoming days if the USDX will slide further. The dollar index is trading in the red again and resumes the yesterday’s bearish candle, a minor drop is favored after the yesterday’s poor US data.

USDX is trading right above the 93.40 level, but technically is somehow expected to drop after the failure to reach and retest a dynamic resistance. We’ll see what the US data will brig in the afternoon, the inflation numbers could shake the markets again.

The dollar index could move in range on the short term till will recapture enough directional energy to be able to start a broader rebound. I’ve said in the previous weeks that only an accumulation move will signal a reversal.

Price decreased a little, but personally, I’m expecting to see a minor increase after the false breakdown below the 1.1712 horizontal support (resistance turned into support). Actually, it could move sideways till will reach the median line (ml) of the minor ascending pitchfork, a retest will signal another bullish momentum.

Only a breakdown below the median line will attract more sellers, which will drive it towards new lows on the short term. It maintains a bullish perspective as long as is located above the median line (ml) and above the 1.1712 support level. The greenback needs support from the FED to be able to dominate the currency market in the upcoming period.

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